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Optimizing your new G Suite Account for Beginners Guide

Optimizing your new G Suite Account for Beginners – We all know that for a minimum of $ 5.00 a month having a G Suite account was still a burden on your finances. Most people thought that when they upgrade to G Suite all they have is a business email on a Gmail interface. But little did they know that a G Suite account has a lot of capabilities and features that is just waiting for you unlock. That is why we created this guide to get you started. Learn how to Optimizing your new G Suite Account for Beginners.

G Suite DNS Settings

I know that most people using G Suite already encountered the MX records. It is a type of DNS records added in your domain so that you will start receiving emails straight in your business email account. But did you know that there are other things you need to check in your DNS to make sure your emails won’t get any error? Check out below:

  1. Add an SPF records – An SPF record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. As a G Suite customer you want your email to increase its reputation by telling other server that your email came from Google mail server through the help of an SPF record. This is very helpful for people getting reports that their email are going to the recipients spam folder.

  2. Authentical Email with DKIM – You can help prevent spoofing by adding a digital signature to outgoing message headers using the DKIM standard. This involves using a private domain key to encrypt your domain’s outgoing mail headers, and adding a public version of the key to the domain’s DNS records. So if you are getting reports that somebody is receiving an email from an email address that don’t even exist in your G Suite account, DKIM will surely help.

To know your domains DNS use this tool from Google itself: Google DNS Checker



Upload you company Logo

When you or your users logged in to your Gmail account you would notice a Google logo on the top right that looks like the one below:


G Suite default company logo

Optimizing your new G Suite Account for Beginners


You can actually replace that with your own adding a business feel for your Users. Your custom logo will be displayed for all G Suite services like Gmail, Calendar and Drive. The image file should be in PNG or GIF format, up to 320 x 132 pixels and no bigger than 30KB and must not include any Google trademarks.



Customize a G Suite service URL

You can make it easy for users to find your core G Suite services by creating custom web addresses—also known as URLs—to each service. For example, with a custom address, users can sign in to their Gmail account at instead of at the longer default address You can create custom addresses in your primary and secondary domains for services, including Gmail, Calendar, Sites, and others.

Optimizing your new G Suite Account for BeginnersOptimizing your new G Suite Account for Beginners

G Suite custom URL settings

Why do these? It’s because you want your employees to feel like they are working in a corporate environment. It’s like an added prestige to the name of your company itself.




And that would be it. We hope that this article would help you enjoy your G Suite experience. Got any article related questions for me? Just leave a message on the comment section and I will try to reply as soon as possible. I will appreciate also that if this article helped you in some way try to share it to your friends family. Thanks!




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