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How to Start Your Website

Let me give you some information on How to Start Your Website. If you think that the only thing you need to worry in starting a website is how it looks like, you are wrong. There’s more important things to consider than making your website amazing. Because however good looking a website is it won’t be successful if you don’t have a strong and stable foundation and that is:

  • Web Hosting Company
  • Domain Registrar
  • Website Builder
  • Web Developer

how to start your website

Web Hosting Company

This should be on top of the list because this is where you will probably stay the longest. Why? Because this is the place where your website be saved. This is the server where all you visitor is connecting so that means an unreliable host means most of the time your website will be down. Which in turn becomes loss in profit. The term to that describe how reliable a web host company is called UPTIME. The other things you need to ask on your host is their SUPPORTED PLATFORM. Which depends on what website builder you will use. Website builder utilize scripts and codes that will only work if it is on a supported platform. Two of the most common platform is UNIX and WINDOWS. If you have a web developer you better ask him about that. Next to consider in choosing a Web Hosting company is PRICING which depends on this few things:

  • How many domains per account
  • How many emails
  • How much is the Bandwith (Website Speed)
  • How many mySQL Database
  • How many times they backup your files and how long will it last
  • The Built in Website Builder
  • Renewal cost

The other thing you need to worry is the SUPPORT. Because if you are new in this you will realize it is rare to for a Web Hosting company to have Phone Support much more for it to be available 24/7. Think of it when your website is down, you are losing money and all you can do is to email them and wait for a reply. Isn’t that hopeless?

Domain Registrar

A domain registrar is where you register your domain (name of your website). Most web hosting company offers free domain on initial sign up. So the thing the you need to consider first is how much the renewal fee. Also make sure that the domain that you will buy is available in them. Usually you will have trouble registering ccTLD or Country code Top Level Domain (,, etc). You must also consider if your Domain registrar have fast DNS change propagation time and a user friendly DNS tools.

Website Developer

Website builder will also the thing you need to consider. A website builder is a program that was being used in building your website. It could be a web based builder like WordPress, Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. It can also be a FTP based web builder like Dreamweaver or a custom made Website which is made based purely using programming languages. The most famous Website Builder right now is WordPress where Olanap Web Host Solutions is an expert. Some of the website that uses wordpres are:

If you check out the websites above you will see how cool a WordPress website could be That’s our employee training here focuses in various WordPress functionalities. Website builder is important to consider because it is where all the updates happens. A good website builder must have monthly updates, amazing features, user friendly and good support. Take note that everything about how your website behave must be blamed on your website builder and web designer, not on your web hosting company.

How to start your website

Website Designer

We understand that some people are just not made for website building that they go on hiring a web developer. Of course the main concern is how much, but you also needs to think of this things like what website builder he’s going to use in building the website, where will he host it and how long will he support it. You must realize that is seldom that a website developer will stay so make sure that you have a plan B. And that is by staying away from a web developer who is custom coding the website simply because it will be hard for someone to take over it. So definitely on this one find some who’s building your website using a web builder. It would be wise also to have an agreement that they will teach you how to make updates on your website. I always encounter people who end up building an entirely new website because no one can update the old one. The only hard part on developing a website is putting it all together, but when it comes to simple update do your best to learn it for maximum profit.

And that’s my How to Start Your Website article! Thanks for reading this. I’m a tech guy and not a professional writer so pardon my mistakes.

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